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This Father-Daughter Duo Recreated Jurassic Park Using $100K Worth of LEGOs!

The blockbuster hit Jurassic Park is brought to life in LEGO as a father, daughter and all their friends combine over $100,000 of LEGO pieces to make this epic stop-motion production!
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Two-Year-Old Wanders the Streets at Night to Buy Candy, The Parents Response Will Get You Heated!

Surveillance footage caught a two-year-old girl crossing the street at 11pm one night.  Listen to what the parents had to say when the police tracked them down!
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WOW! The Wildest Animal Encounters EVER!

Watch the closest calls between man and animal, from shark attacks on the beach to vicious biscuit attacks from some hungry deer.
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VIDEO: AMAZING Behind The Back Shot For The Win!

For The Win!
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RAW VIDEO: Woman Caught Smoking On Plane!

Your "No Smoking" rules don't apply to ME! 
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Is This An Inappropriate Outfit for a Teacher?

// Post by .
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Are You Ready For Some BIG SAVINGS???

The Great American Radio Auction begins Tuesday!  You can save up to 65 percents on tons of items!   The warmer weather is coming, so check out this auction item: Outdoor Kitchen...
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A Guy Got Hit by a Motorcycle in the Background of a Live News Report

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84% Of Women Say The First Thing They Do After a Break Up is UNFRIEND on Facebook. Would you?

They say a relationship isn't official until you change your Facebook relationship status . . . so I guess it makes sense that a relationship isn't officially over until you angrily wipe out every...
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Man Trained Rabbit To Bring Him Beer [Video]

This guy trained his rabbit to bring him beer! How can we do this?
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