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This Father-Daughter Duo Recreated Jurassic Park Using $100K Worth of LEGOs!

How many Lego's can you buy with 100K?
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Two-Year-Old Wanders the Streets at Night to Buy Candy, The Parents Response Will Get You Heated!

Surveillance footage caught a two-year-old girl crossing the street at 11pm one night.  Listen to what the parents had to say when the police tracked them down!
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WOW! The Wildest Animal Encounters EVER!

Wildlife can be beautiful but can also turn scary in an instant!
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VIDEO: AMAZING Behind The Back Shot For The Win!

Thank you and goodnight!
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RAW VIDEO: Woman Caught Smoking On Plane!

Watch her try to blame the guy next to her
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Is This An Inappropriate Outfit for a Teacher?

Let the debate begin!
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Are You Ready For Some BIG SAVINGS???

The Great American Radio Auction Begins Tuesday
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A Guy Got Hit by a Motorcycle in the Background of a Live News Report

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84% Of Women Say The First Thing They Do After a Break Up is UNFRIEND on Facebook. Would you?

They say a relationship isn't official until you change your Facebook relationship status . . . so I guess it makes sense that a relationship isn't officially over until you angrily wipe out every...
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Man Trained Rabbit To Bring Him Beer [Video]

This guy trained his rabbit to bring him beer! How can we do this?
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