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Omaha's Greatest Hits

Lori Bradley


Matt Damon crush alert

#cantwait #helooksseriouslybuff  
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Modern tooth removal : )

This takes me back to the tooth and string removal method.  So modern!
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Brothers convince little sister of Zombie Apocalypse

This is so wrong and quite hilarious  
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Game of Thrones trailer - Season 6, trailer 2

I love the line, "I drink and I know things".  Bet you can guess who said that!  Now we just have to wait until the 24th
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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

I love summer but this makes me ready for November, already!  As a Potter fan, can't wait to see this!
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Rogue One trailer is out!

Unleash your inner geek!!!  
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Daniel Radcliffe's new movie looks intriguing!

The trailer for "Swiss Army Man" is out and boy, does this look intriguing.
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An Alice trailer that will make you want May to get here already!

This looks so well done!  Poor Humpty.  The movie is out May 27th!  
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Wanna be Cheif Wombat Cuddler?

Derek the wombat was found after his mother had been killed by a car. Sad face. He's now being cared for on Flinder's Island in Australia and there's a contest for the job of Chief Wombat Cuddler...
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Not a bunny or a chick for Easter but a HORSE?

On good Friday, my husband and I bought (we're co-owners!) my daughter a horse. She's ridden for several years and this was her "dream" horse.  She's saved her Christmas, birthday and chore...
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