Lori Bradley

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Lori Bradley

I'm a 40 something woman who started in radio back when we played records! Yikes! This doesn't mean I'm not a gadget girl as I could probably change my name to iLori as I have an iPod touch, iPhone, Macbook Pro and an iPad. Not that I have any of these things in my possession half the time as my kids are playing Club Penguin or listening to me on iheartradio (grab the app now!). My twins are 8 years old and we're also proud parents of a greyhound and chiquaqua that barks everyone away from the front door. I started in radio because I love music and people and how the two interact. Lyrics move me, literally sometimes, and hopefully get you through the day as well. I love to interact with you so Facebook friend me OR let me know you're on Twitter so I can follow you that way.


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