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Omaha's Greatest Hits

Lucy Chapman


When you need your baby, you NEED your baby!!!

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She almost fell. Alomost!

I love the way this article is written!  Click here to see why and as one FB poster said "Thanks, Beyoncé, for aerating the playing field."  Click here to read the story
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Did you figure it out yet? There is finally an answer! Which one is the mom???

Taking the internet by storm... 3 beautiful ladies, but which one is the mom?  The answer is here!  
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It's not about the money. This is a great victory for good people dealing with mean people.

  And if you're still not convinced these are mean people, the last paragraph will probably convince you.  They planted drugs in a PTA member's car!  Read the story...
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Have you ever laughed when it was a REALLY bad time? Here are some great stories to make you feel better.

    You can relate to some of these stories! 
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I've been told hanging is the most difficult stunt to create in Hollywood. So sad for this actor in Italy.

The act went wrong.  He didn't make it.  Read the story here.
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How to deal with an "almost abduction"? Cake.

  Kevin Smith's daughter was almost abducted by a fake Uber driver.  Shes fine.  Here's how Dad handled it.  With cake.  Click here  to see the story.
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Do you remember THIS guy?? The only thing worse then him smirking and refusing to answer questions is the COO said the company backed his decision to make drugs too expensive to buy.

Read the story and see the proceedings here.
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Cabbies picking up...ghosts? Maybe. 16,000 people were killed in the Japan earthquake. Almost 3,000 remain missing.

They asked to be taken to odd places, but then vanish! Click here to read the story.
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Were you bored on your snowdays? Be prepared for next time! Here are 17 things you can do.

  Click here to see them all. I like #3
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