Three of my favorite things are: music, yoga and nature. Which is why I love Wanderlust festivals. Whether you’re exploring multi-day mountaintop adventures or gathering for a daylong urban retreat, Wanderlust events are an opportunity to unplug from the ordinary....and discover the extraordinary. It was an honor to, again this year, host their "Yoga in the City" Los Angeles event, held last weekend on the Santa Monica pier. Watching thousands of LA yogi's come together and inspire each other (with the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop!) was an incredible experience. It's my favorite event of the summer.


This year, the day started with inspiring words from one of my spiritual gurus, Marianne Williamson. She is not only a NY Times bestselling author and thought leader, but is currently a candidate for the US House of Representative, District 33. Introducing her to the stage was an honor for me as following her teaching has improved the quality of my life. The day of yoga with the world's best teachers was kicked off with one of my favorite teachers (who I have practiced with for over 10 years), Andrea Marcum, from U Studio Yoga. She got the crowd moving thru her kickass vinyasa flow series.

She was followed by the beautiful, Sara Ivanhoe, who was accompanied by Mark Whitwell. Mark's chanting was really powerful. After meeting and seeing him in action, I definitely want to take his class! One of the highlights of the day was what happened with Chelsea Korus and Kyle Deschamps during their acro-yoga partner routine. OMG it was so beautiful! They have turned their bodies into spectacular works of art. They even taught me a few tricks...and we had a blast. They are beautiful inside and out! Alfred Kendrick from Fit Arts also displayed Capoiera, which was incredible to watch.

The next class was taught by the inspiring and beautiful Christi Christensen and Katie Brauer, ending the day with Kia Miller, Tommy Rosen and the legendary yoga queen, Shiva Rae. Meeting Shiva, and watching her teach, was another highlight. She has had such a profound impact in the world of yoga. Her class started slow and controlled, and ended up in a wild dance party.


She was so nice, too...find out more about her here: What a way to end an incredible day!! Be sure to come out next's a blast!! Check out for more info on upcoming events and festivals.