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Omaha's Greatest Hits

Tim Sheridan


WARNING: Graphic Video Depicting Mornings Before Caffeine!

They might want to invest in a coffeemaker with a timer
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Video: A Seal Jumps In A Boat To Escape Killer Whales

The seal hung around long enough for the whales to give up
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VIDEO: Saw Blade Made With Paper Can Cut Wood!

Paper might be able to beat rock and scissors after all
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VIDEO: Police Car Flips Over With Prisoner In Back Seat

The prisoner appears to try and start the car on fire before the crash
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WATCH: Distraught Mom Left Behind After Cruise Ship Leaves With Her Kids On Board!

It's like a real-life 'Home Alone'
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Surveillance Video: Burglar Watches Couple Sleep FOR 15 MINUTES!

The couple said that they were unaware they had an intruder in the house until she couldn't find her purse
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VIDEO: Dramatic Rescue Of Woman, Dog From Sinking Car

"Oh my God, I'm drowning," the woman said from the sinking car
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DASHCAM VIDEO: Watch Sewage Truck Explode On Russian Street!

Was Biff driving the car to the left?
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VIDEO: Man Late for His Flight Chases Plane Across Tarmac

THIS GUY really wanted to go to the Canary Islands!
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Surveillance Video: Does This Man Gets Into Cab With A Ghost?

Does the ghost have to share the fare?
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