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Omaha's Greatest Hits

Tim Sheridan


The 6 Worst Mother's Day Gifts Ever Received!

Guys, you can do better than this!
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What Employees Do When The Boss Is Away!

19 employees shared some of their favorite ways to goof off when their bosses are out
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LISTEN: Bruce Crawford Presents: 60th Anniversary To The Ten Commandments

The showing is Friday, May 27th at the Joslyn Art Museums' Witherspoon Hall theater 22nd and Dodge 7 p.m.
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VIDEO: Paul McCartney Slays Prince's 'Let's Go Crazy'

After Paul honored The Purple One, he said, “Here’s to the man,” Loved that guy."
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Amazing Dashcam Video of Escape From Canadian Wildfire!

This daring escape happened on May 3rd
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WATCH: Hospital Ghost Caught On Cam?

A paranormal investigator captured this apparition at the hospital
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Madonna Still Shocks At 57!

She wore this outfit to the Met Gala on Monday night
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ICYMI: Watch Nebraska Native Hannah Huston On 'The Voice'

Hannah needs your votes to stay alive on 'The Voice'
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WATCH: Cigar Shaped UFO Spotted Outside Plane Window?

A passenger snapped the photo near London
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WATCH: Wind Knocks Train Off Tracks On Overpass!

It happened in Louisiana in 2015...Unbelievable!
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