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Omaha's Greatest Hits

Tim Sheridan


WATCH: Ordinary People Caught On Live TV

WATCH How People Caught On Live TV React Am I On TV? CRAP!
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SURVEILLANCE VIDEO: WATCH Run-Away Double Decker Bus Screaming Out Of Control

Police say the bus careened out of control in San Francisco's Union Square, running down a bicyclist and two pedestrians. READ MORE HERE .
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DASHCAM: Close Call With Swerving Semi

This is NOT what you want to see happen right in front of you on the interstate!  Is this a video they show in drivers ed?
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Surveillance Video: Running Shoplifter Hits Glass At Top Speed

This security video shows the woman, who was trying to make a quick exit from a department store, hitting a glass window at top speed.
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RAW VIDEO: Mini Cyclone Launches Patio Furniture And Trampoline Airborne

WATCH this "mini cyclone" launch patio furniture and a trampoline into the air as it rolls through a town in Queensland, Australia earlier this week.
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LIGHTS OUT! Comedy Ensues When Fox Loses Power During #WorldSeries

When Fox Sports lost power in its TV truck at Kauffman Stadium, the game had to be delayed because both teams use video feeds to contest close calls on the field. It didn't take people long to...
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WATCH: Waterspout Comes Ashore, Smashes Semi

WATCH: A "tornadic" waterspout come on shore in Tampa, Florida on Saturday and lift up an U.S. Postal 18-wheeler and destroy the trailer.  The driver was shaken up, but thankful to...
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WATCH: The Greatest Retrieval Of A Submerged Cellphone EVER!

Most cell phones dropped into the ocean never see the light of day again -- unless you have a special friend at sea!
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RAW VIDEO: Ghost Orb Makes Entrance, Sits On Couch, Takes Off!

After we took a bunch of pictures of furniture for an upcoming garage sale, we noticed an orb on the coffee table (pictured above).  We laughed, thinking Aunt Sandy was keeping an eye on the...
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Trapped Dog Finally Rescued After Her Canine BFF Keeps Watch For Five Days

Two dogs were found safe in Washington state, after a loyal setter watched over his trapped friend for a week!
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