Injured Omaha Police Officer Released From Hospital

Omaha Police say a police officer shot in the ankle Monday afternoon is out of the hospital.  The suspect who was shot several times while exchanging gunfire with police is out of surgery and in critical condition. 

Investigators said 39 year old Officer Jill Schillerberg  and 36 year old Officer Matthew Skradski were checking for a suspicious man near 31st and Turner Blvd after witnesses say he was looking in windows.

After finding the man a confrontation ensued and there was an exchange of gunfire between the officers and the suspect. The suspect, 20-year old Monroe G. Evans, III, was struck several times. Officer Schillerberg was struck in the ankle.

Deputy Chief Dave Baker says the officers attempted to talk to Evans, who was armed with a handgun. According to an eyewitness, shots were fired, police stepped back and an officer fired back at the suspect.

It has not been determined if one or both of the officers fired their handguns. Both officers are on paid administrative leave until an investigation is complete.

Officer Jill Schillerberg and Officer Matthew Skradski

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