Intruder Injured After Tripping On Pumpkin

(WOWT) -- Anthony Mitchell, 27, is hospitalized, being treated for a cracked skull and a brain bleed after an incident at a metro home in which he slipped on a pumpkin.

The incident came to the attention of police when Matthew Hill, 35, reported a burglary. Hill arrived home shortly before 5 p.m. Wednesday. 

He told police he noticed items that were out of place and then found a man, later identified as Mitchell, sitting in the corner of his daughter’s room cloaked in a blanket.

Hill tells investigators he asked the man what he was doing there and the intruder told him it was, “my house now.”Hill told him to leave.

Police say Mitchell left through the front door, slipped on a pumpkin that was on the front porch and hit his head on the ground.

When police arrived, Hill directed them to Mitchell who was sitting on the ground in front of the home. Mitchell was taken to the hospital for treatment and eventually admitted to the ICU.


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