Malvern, Iowa Manor A Hotbed Of Paranormal Activity

One of the oldest buildings in the town of Malvern, Iowa was built in the mid-1800’s as a hotel.  In the 1950's the building was converted into a nursing home and in later served as a group home for those with mental illness.  The historic building today sits pretty much empty,but according to co-owner Josh Heard its spirit lives on in many ways.  

What is now known as the Malvern Manor has a long standing rumor of being haunted.  Heard tells NewsRadio 1110 KFAB, "No matter what time of day things happen.  Disembodied voices, bangs, creeks and cracks all the way to shadow figures.  Object manipulation, things tugging on your clothes, breathing in your ears, grabbing your arms and things like that.  It is literally all over this house all of the time.  Even coming in to vacuum the floors can be nerve-wracking."

KFAB News traveled to Malvern to meet up with Heard and toured the manor.  The huge building is full of twists and turns, narrow stairs, original furnishings and lots of stories about past residents.  Heard conducted a paranormal investigation inside the manor and later when the owner decided to sell he was anxious to buy.  The building sits today pretty much the same way it did when it closed many years ago.  There are some furnishings inside that once belonged to former residents as well as wheelchairs, beds, cafeteria trays to kitchen supplies.  Visitors take a walk back in time.  Tours and overnight investigations are available.

The Malvern Manor will be featured on TLC's "Paranormal Lockdown" program on Friday, February 10th at 8 p.m.

WATCH BELOW: Co-owner at the Malvern Manor gives us a tour of one of the many haunted rooms



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