84th Street Now Closed For Ten Months

Omaha commuters will see a major road closure starting Monday. A large portion of 84th Street from Dodge Street to Pacific will be closed for ten months for a $4 million dollar repair project.

Repairs in the area will include work on curbs, gutters, water mains and storm drains.Although 84th will be closed, drivers will still be able to access Children's and Methodist Hospitals. 

The construction starts on Dodge Street, which is located just south of West Dodge Road. 

Hospital officials say the biggest impact the road closure will have on them is that an employee parking lot will be a little tougher to access. 

Jeanine Cascio lives along the closed stretch of 84th, and she says the project will be a headache at times, but that the repairs are desperately needed. "It's gonna be dusty and messy. There's gonna be a lot of dust. And we're coming into the time of the year when people want to have their windows and door open, and that dust is just gonna walk right in."

Cascio says that all the dust and mess will be a small price to pay for improvements that she says she's been waiting sixteen years for.

The repairs will force some residents to park along side streets and walk to their homes, since the street and driveways will be torn up or blocked.


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