Street Crews Prep For Switch From Potholes To Snow

You may have seen city trucks out fixing potholes in the beautiful weather this week, but those same trucks could be plowing snow this weekend.

Street Maintenance Engineer Austin Rowser says city trucks can switch from fixing potholes to plowing and salting quickly, which comes in handy with Nebraska's ever changing weather. "Our trucks are equipped with a system that allows us to quickly interchange from an asphalt hot box to a salt spreader. So we do have the ability to turn that around quickly and that's very common and regular to do that."

Rowser says that even if the weather hadn't been nice the last week, city crews would still be out fixing potholes. "When we have potholes, we have to fix them. We don't really have the luxury of waiting for warmer weather for that to happen. That's just something that we're responsible for."

For now, you will still see the bright orange trucks out fixing streets, but if the flurries start to fall, you can bet that the trucks will be gearing up to handle snow. "We can generally switch over our fleet in about an hour, to an hour and a half." 


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