Sarpy County Offers 911 Texting

Sarpy County is the latest county in Nebraska to accept emergency 911 calls via text message.  County officials stress that calling 911 is still the best option.  "Call if you can, text if you can't" says Sarpy County Communications Director Stu DeLaCastro.  

"We get a lot better information from you if you call us on the phone.  We can ask questions back-and-forth and get better location information

He says the texting option will be beneficial for people who have trouble hearing or speaking or if the caller is in danger, like domestic violence or home invasion robbery victims.

DeLaCastro says it's important for people texting 911 to use simple words and brief phrases.  Knowing your exact location is also important.  He says text messages are not as accurate at determining locations. 

To text an emergency ,enter the numbers "911" in the "To" field and hit the send button.

Douglas and Washington Counties also offers the 911 text service.  

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