VIDEO: Behind The Scenes Look At New Zoo Attractions This Summer


There are some exciting changes coming to the Henry Doorly Zoo this summer. 

Work is being done on a new education center, children's adventure trail play area and an amphitheater.

The education center will house eight classrooms, along with administration offices. 

Zoo director Dennis Pate says the building is an important, and much needed, addition to the zoo. "This is the first time in decades that the entire education department, administration functions of the zoo and the foundation are all finally going to be in the same place. So this is a big step forward for us."

The zoo's Director of Education Elizabeth Mulkerrin says currently the education and administration facilities are spread all across the zoo, so having everyone in one building will benefit students and employees. 

Mulkerrin says the the adventure trail will be an interactive educational part of their education program, and will feature fun activities for kids, and adults who are kids at heart. "You'll have discovery areas where you can slide down a log slide. We have different types of fungus or mushrooms that are found in Nebraska. We are trying to bring in a lot of Nebraska species in here."

She says there will also be rope walls, tunnels, a stream and much more.

 Director of Interactive Animal Programs, Mandi Krebs, says the amphitheater will show guests about the conservation efforts of the zoo. "We will be able to engage our guests about the conservation work that the zoo does in a really interactive way, in a really exciting way. So it's gonna be a really different experience that this zoo has never done before."

She says there will be three shows a day in the theater that will showcase 30 free flight birds, and maybe a few mammals.  

The amphitheater will open over the Memorial Day weekend, with the Adventure Trail opening on June 30th. 

More information can be found at the Henry Doorly Zoo's website here.


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