Pizza Shoppe Fans Can Take A 'Slice' Of The Restaurant Home

A long standing Benson restaurant closed its doors earlier this month to the dismay of many patrons, but now fans of The Pizza Shoppe can take a piece of the restaurant home with them.

The Pizza Shoppe is holding a liquidation sale this weekend and will offer people a chance to find mementos to remember the restaurant by. 

Owner Amy Ryan says over the last 22 years she accumulated many eclectic, fun items that she wants to share with the people that loved the Pizza Shoppe as much as she did. "Most was given over the years as a gift to the Pizza Shoppe to display on the shelves. So special stuff that was left there, gave it back to the people who'd given it to me, but a lot of people said just sell it and let people have a memory."

Although the Pizza Shoppe may be gone, now it won't be forgotten. 

Ryan is selling everything from cutlery and dishware to records, neon, classic bicycles and antiques. 

The liquidation sale runs Friday, March 31 and Saturday, April 1 from 10:00-3:00 and Sunday, April 2 Noon-3:00 at the Pizza Shoppe Collective at 6058 Maple Street. 

You can see a sneak peek at some of the items in the video below.



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