Mayoral Candidates Prepared For Tight Race Into May's General Election

(WOWT) -- As the field of five candidates in the race for Omaha mayor narrowed to two, top picks Jean Stothert and Heath Mello both vowed to hit the streets ahead of what will be a hotly contested general election in May.


Results from the primary showed that voters were split between current Mayor Stothert and former state senator Mello. 

In a speech to his supporters, Mello said the numbers showed the city is ready for new leadership.

“Right now more than 50 percent of the voters across this city are calling out for change,” Mello said. “We can be better than OK. We deserve better than OK. Seeing the results tonight people want something more than OK.”

Stothert responded less than an hour later to group of her supporters. She told the crowd, “My opponent is running a commercial in the general election in which he says Omaha is doing ‘just OK.’ My first thoughts were, ‘Well thank you for saying that!’ But friends, my second thought, is that we are doing better than OK.”

The General Election is on May 9.


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