Officials Ready For Junkstock Traffic This Weekend

 (WOWT) -- The popular vintage festival, Junkstock, has brought massive crowds to rural west Omaha in recent years. Last year, the crowds were so big, traffic was a problem. This year organizers have a new game plan they hope will ease the traffic pain for the event set to begin Friday.

Junkstock spokesperson Danelle Schlegelmilch said this year they’re prepared. Traffic will be re-directed, and parking officers on horseback will help direct the huge crowds.

“They kept coming and coming and coming and coming,” Schlegelmilch said of last year’s event. In October, tens of thousands of people made their way to the vintage festival at Sycamore Farms near Waterloo.

“We had a bit of a traffic backup on parts of the weekend, last fall,” she said.

Clayton Green owns a parking and security company; he and His team have directed crowds at some of Nebraska's biggest entertainment events. This weekend, they've been hired by Junkstock.

“We've got a crew of over 30 people that are going to be out here in vests. I have some on ATVs. I have some on horses,” said Green with CGN Group Parking & Security.

Green's mission is to ease the congestion, working with county and state officials to temporarily re-route traffic in and out of the area.

“Everyone coming into the show has to come off of 275 on the west side of Waterloo down Blondo Street,” he said.

Organizers hope the new traffic measures will help. The Waterloo Fire Department hopes so, too. Chief Travis Harlow and his crew will be on standby just in case of an emergency.

The re-routing of traffic is key to the parking plan. The Junkstock farm is right off Dodge Street at River Road, but you won't be able to take that exit to get here. Instead you'll have to go up to the next exit and drive around the section to get in; if it sounds confusing, don't worry, there will be plenty of signs.

If you want to avoid the traffic entirely, a free shuttle will run from the Elkhorn campus of metro community college directly to the Junkstock gate. 

Here's a map to help navigate the trip.


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