Remembering The '75 Omaha Tornado

Today we look back at the devastation left in the path of a spring 1975 outbreak of tornadoes that destroyed building and home around the Omaha metro. 

On the afternoon of May 6th, 1975 an F4 tornado touched down in Sarpy County. The twister then made its way into Douglas County, cutting across I-80, then tearing down 72nd Street destroying homes and businesses along the way. 

The Westgate neighborhood was devastated by the tornado, with many houses being leveled and some that were completely swept away. Westgate Elementary school was completely destroyed in the wake of the twister. 

Bergan Mercy Hospital, Lewis and Clark Middle School, Creighton Prep and the United Methodist Church were all badly damaged during the outbreak as well. 

Omaha wasn't the only place to be affected by the dangerous storm though. A two-day outbreak struck the Midwest and Southern United States on May 6th and 7th.In total, 36 tornadoes touched down across six states. 

The Omaha tornado, despite the devastation, only claimed three lives. Almost 150 people were reportedly injured, over 4,000 buildings were damaged and 287 were destroyed. 

Though the city has rebuilt and wounds have healed, the memory of that afternoon will stay with the people who lived through it forever.

See a map of the destruction here

VIDEOS BELOW:  Omaha Civil Defense Film/WOWT 6 News 40th Anniversary Tracking The Tornado

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