Stothert Wins Re-Election

At 10:15, the Douglas County Election Commission released their 4th round of election results in Omaha's General Election. 

Incumbent Mayor Jean Stothert announced her victory at 10:20 this evening.  She received a congratulatory phone call from challenger Heath Mello.  In the latest round of results Stothert received 51,413 votes, 53% over challenger Health Mello with 44,977 votes, 46%.

In the City Council race:

District 1 incumbent Pete Festersen has 82% of the vote with 12,190 votes over challenger Grant Sturek 16%, 2,473 votes. 

In District 2, incumbent Ben Gray is leading with 5.203 votes, 63% over opponent Dennis J. Womack with 2,932 votes, 35% .

In District 3, incumbent Chris Jerram has 9,973 votes, 79% over opponent D'Shawn Cunningham with 2,415 votes, 19% .

In District 4, Vinny Palermo is in the lead with 53% of the vote, 4,372 votes over challenger Jim Rogers with 3,689 votes, 45% .  Both are newcomers in the race for District 4.

In District 5, Rich Pahls is running unopposed with 12,131 votes, 95%. 

In District 6, Brinker Harding wins that election over opponent Dwite Pedersen.  In the latest results, Harding received 11,286 votes, 63% over Pedersen with 6,340, 35%.

In District 7, incumbent Aimee Melton is leading with 9,445 votes, 64% over challenger Brian Thommes with 5,008 votes, 34% 

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