80 To 90 MPH Winds Leave Mark On Metro, More Storms Expected

Thousands of metro area residents were left in the dark after a line of strong thunderstorms moved through Tuesday night.                                                                   

Straight line winds, heavy rain, and a some hail accompanied the storms.  Storms developed over parts of Kansas before stretching northward into eastern Nebraska and western Iowa. 

The storm packed a gusty punch once they developed west of the metro.  Sirens sounded in parts of western Douglas County, not because of a tornado warning, but due to straight-line winds that had reported gusts of 80-90 mph.

Those gusts weakened slightly as the storm crossed town with Eppley Airfield reporting 65 mph winds.  There were reports of pea to marble sized hail with the storms,  which knocked out power to nearly 14,000 OPPD customers and 4,200 Mid American Energy customers in Iowa.  

Tree branches littered yards and streets across the area, blocking traffic in some areas, including 26th and Woolworth where a tree smashed a vehicle. 

Several tornado warnings were reported in northwest Iowa, though no touchdowns have been confirmed at this time. 

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