Some Vehicle Owners Fill Tanks With Water, Not Gas

(WOWT) -- Several customers of a Bellevue convenience store didn't get far after filling up one morning last week. They discovered far more water than gas in their tanks.

After getting filled up at the Giles Select Mart 66 a week ago Wednesday morning, the Yost pickup broke down two miles away. Bill Yost said, "It just started running really rough and then died and then you tired to start it, but it didn't start."

Three vehicles were towed into Amtech not long after gassing up the same morning. They all gassed up at the same convenience store.

"I've never seen that much fuel contamination with water ever," Amtech Service Manager Matt Seuss said.

The convenience store owner Binod Khadra said a downpour the night before caused rainwater to flow into the regular tank and he speculates through a left open lid. Two hours after contamination was discovered, the regular buttons are taped off. But the owner estimates 10 customers bought watered down gas, though there could be more.

The Giles Select Mart owner said a load of gas got delivered the night before rain water was discovered in the regular tank. But he can't say if the driver or a store employee left open a lid. He says the tank has been cleaned out and customers can expect good quality gas.

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