What's That Smell? Omaha Inspectors Say It's The Worst They've Seen


(WOWT) -- Omaha city inspectors say it's one of the worst homes they've ever encountered, and it may be too late to save.

A dumpster sat full of contaminated items from inside an abandoned home near 144th and Blondo on Wednesday. After city inspectors condemned the home, a team of hired workers attempted to clean out freezers full of rotting meat, dried blood and maggots.

Neighbor to the house, Amy Bonney said that the odor is one of the worst she has ever smelled.

"One of the neighbors called the police on Friday. They thought there was a dead body in the house because it smelled so bad," Bonney said.

The smells weren't from a body. In fact, a well-seasoned city inspector told his bosses that what he smelled was far worse than if it were coming from a body.

"If it's enough to make his stomach turn a little bit then it's got to be pretty tough," said Omaha's Chief of Permits and Inspections Jay Davis.

Three freezers had maggots and flies nesting in rotting meats inside the home, and blood from the rotting meats seeped into the walls. This home hasn't had an occupant or electricity for about seven years.

City planners say they can only respond to complaints. Anyone can call Omaha City Code Enforcement at (402)-444-5371 if they have concerns in their own neighborhood.


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