OPPD Making Progress Restoring Power

The Omaha Public Power District estimates power will be restored by Wednesday night – with the exception of about 50 to 100 customers.


OPPD crews worked through the weekend to restore power to thousands of homes that were left in the dark after Friday's storms swept through the greater metro area. At its peak, 76,000 customers lost power. It's the fourth worst storm outage in 40 years.

The storm shredded a number of transmission lines which are critical for supplying power.

It's not just about luxuries – like wifi and Netflix – many say the outages have forced them to get creative with things they often take for granted.

"It isn't easy because here they have a pump for the well. So in order to flush the toilet, they're bailing water out of the swimming pool and bringing the bucket into the house to flush the toilet. It's kind of rough when you're not used to that kind of stuff,” said Bob Tiffin.

For Rick Nelson of Papillion and his 10-acres near 72nd and Capehart Road, Monday was day three of tree cleanup and day three without power. He's retired Air Force and many of the volunteers who helped him remove the damaged trees are his military buddies.



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