Next Round Of Major Construction Begins

 (WOWT) -- Rewrite your navigation book. The next round of construction on the I-80/I-480/US-75 Interchange starts Wednesday night.

That’s the big, North, South, East, West spaghetti bowl of pavement that gets you where you need to go in and around downtown Omaha.


The latest phase of construction begins at 10 p.m. on July 5 and this round will mostly affect northbound traffic on 75.

If you're coming from I-80 westbound, the big closure you'll face is trying to go north to I-480. That ramp will be closed.

The biggest issue will be driving north on 75. First, the ramp to I-80 westbound will shut down, as will the ramp to northbound I-480. That leaves very little access through that interchange.

In addition, the F Street entrance ramp to US-75 will also close.

So if you’re heading north on 75 toward that interchange, your only option is to go east on Interstate 80.

The state’s road team suggests this detour:

  • Take US-75 north and continue to I-80 east
  • From there, take I-29 north
  • Then pick up I-480 west until you hit 75 northbound once again

It's a similar detour to the one they had in place when they were working on the last phase of construction. This one just reverses directions.

So plan ahead. The work begins at 10 p.m., July 5. Those closures will be in place for the morning commute on July 6.

Signs and warnings will help guide you through the maze.

The project is slated for completion in the fall.


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