Outdoor Workers Try To Stay Cool During Heatwave

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Hot summer days are upon us and for those who work outdoors, it is a constant battle to stay cool.

Armando Martinez with Pyramid Roofing says working in the heat and humidity can be excruciating, but his crew works even harder to keep cool. "Almost like you are in the fireplace, but you have to stay safe. Drink water with ice and Gatorade and get like 10 minute breaks."

Temperatures this week will flirt with the 100 degree mark, and Martinez says his crew will go through about a hundred bottles of water every day. "Four or five guys, we'll drink like four cases of 24 packs."

Martinez says the key to staying safe while working in the heat is to find a shady place to take a break about once an hour. "You're sweating and it's hot, so you have to get a little break, a little rest."

With temperatures nearing 100 degrees this week, people who work outdoors have to stay on top of keeping cool and hydrated. Armando Martinez with Pyramid Roofing says his crew drinks over 100 bottles of water everyday and has to take breaks every hour to fend off heat exhaustion.

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