Potential Physical Evidence Uncovered In D.B. Cooper Case

The case of the mysterious hijacker D.B. Cooper may be taking a new turn.  

A crew of volunteer cold-case investigators in the Pacific Northwest say they've uncovered "potential evidence" in the 46-year-old mystery disappearance.  

The group leader tells Fox News they found what "appears to be a decades-old parachute strap."  The D.B. Cooper mystery has confounded law enforcement and amateur sleuths for decades.  

In 1971, a man calling himself Dan Cooper hijacked a jetliner, demanded 200-thousand in cash and then parachuted out of the plane. No trace of Cooper has been found.  

However, some bundles of the ransom cash amounting to 58-hundred dollars was uncovered in 1980 on the banks of the Columbia River between Washington and Oregon. 


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