AWKWARD: Frost And Staff Coaching UCF Team, Steals UCF Recruit

(WOWT) -- Scott Frost and his staff will be coaching on New Year's Day. The recently hired Nebraska Head Coach got the okay to coach Central Florida in its bowl game against Auburn on New Year's Day.

Frost refused to talk about Nebraska during a news conference in Atlanta Tuesday but said he and his staff owes it to the players.

“We're not going to talk about that stuff (Nebraska) because that doesn't have anything to do with the game,” Frost said. “Our coaching staff will be as prepared as we possibly can for the game we're 100 percent committed. The players had a great practice so they're 100 percent committed and we'll go forward from there.

"There's been a lot of circumstances swirling around this season and that's been tough to navigate so the guys have done an unbelievable job with that. They've earned the right to play in this game and have this opportunity and I'm glad that we have the chance the best possible chance to put on a good show and hopefully win a football game."

"It was important because of the players and what the players were representing the city and this university. There was a lot of things swirling, there was a lot of things that could have been distractions and our whole staff tried to handle it the best way we possibly knew how and stay focused and stay committed and I think the staff did a great job with that and the players did a great job with that otherwise we wouldn't be sitting up here right now."

The decision to have Frost and his staff coach the bowl game was a bit awkward after six foot six tight end/wide receiver Justin McGriff de-committed from Central Florida Monday and then committed to Nebraska.

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