Street Crews Finish Up Repairs, Snow Removal Next

It has been an undoubtedly warm, and snow-less December in Omaha so far, and that means that public works crews have been able to focus on more street repairs. 

Street Maintenance Engineer Austin Rouser tells NewsRadio 1110 KFAB they're making as many repairs as possible before the fluffy, white stuff comes down. "We've got concrete we're still pouring. Got some potholes we're patching up. Just cleaning up work orders and making sure everything is ready to go for snow."

When the snow does come, Rouser says it won't take crews long to be ready. "We're ready this time of year, any time, all we have to do is switch everything out. Put the plows on the trucks, put the salt spreaders on the back and so that's a pretty quick process. Our people are used to doing that and are trained up for it."

Our first snowfall of the season could come later this week, but it isn't expected to hang around because the ground is still too warm.

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