Sons Of Italy Hall Fire: One Year Later

On a cold Friday afternoon one year ago, life took a drastic turn in the neighborhood near 10th and William. A devastating fire tore through the Sons of Italy hall, leaving the future of the old carriage house unclear.

After many discussions, it was decided that the organization would stay at its home on 10th Street. That they would rebuild and come back bigger and better. Now exactly one year later, Vice President George Grillo says they are excited about the reopening and welcoming the community back with open arms. "You know, it was a tragic experience and there's a great deal of desire to get back and meet the public again, produce our pasta and just have everybody enjoy it. So, we are all looking forward to opening up in September of 2018."

Great strides have been made in the year since the fire. Grillo says the inside of the original structure has been completely cleaned and they've expanded the dining room so even more people can enjoy their weekly pasta dinners. "They had to build an outer wall for the relocation of the new kitchen and now they're in the process of putting the trusses up, so we're gonna have a new roof."

Although the fire devastated the Sons of Italy community, the future looks bright in the little slice of South Omaha that they call home.

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