Third Party Outlets Selling Husker Spring Game Tickets For Big $

(WOWT)The Husker Spring Game is still months away but tickets sold out in just over 24 hours. 

A Frost warning is in effect as we get ready for the sold out Spring Game, the first in program history. 

Fans who spoke with 6 News say that they will shell out some money for those tickets. 

Frost mania has given Husker Hounds record breaking sales of gear for the off-season. "He has me all fired up again,” said Husker Hounds owner Scott Strunc. 

The talk of the shop Wednesday was how much fans would be willing to pay for Spring Game tickets. "There's a lot of angry fans on social media," said Strunc. "90,000 people sold out in one day? Are you kidding me?"

Season ticket holders had early access to Spring Game tickets. By the time many others could purchase them, some tickets were being resold online for upwards of $500.

Last year the Spring Game sold about 78,000 tickets. This year memorial stadium is sold out with a listed maximum capacity of about 85,000 people. 

The Spring Game is scheduled for April 21.

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