Winter Storm Cancels Hundreds Of Flights

A winter storm system could dump a foot of snow across the Midwest and Great Lakes region and it's causing major headaches at airports as well.


Hundreds of flights in and out of Chicago and Detroit have been canceled due to the impending storm. Airlines were canceling flights and waiving changes fees Friday as a winter storm brought heavy snow. Nationwide, more than 1,000 flights had been canceled and another 200 delayed as of Friday morning. 

Officals with Eppley Airfield say if you were flying to those areas, be sure to call your airline before you head out the door. Here are the flights currently affected at Eppley Airfield:


  • Delta 6258 Detroit CANCELLED
  • Southwest 1270 Chicago-Midway CANCELLED
  • United 4593 Chicago O'Hare CANCELLED
  • Southwest 2503 Chicago-Midway CANCELLED
  • United 4494 Chicago O'Hare CANCELLED
  • Southwest 1553 Washington-DC CANCELLED
  • Southwest 1726 Chicago-Midway CANCELLED


  • United 3673 Chicago O'Hare CANCELLED
  • Southwest 519 Chicago-Midway CANCELLED
  • Southwest 1367 Phoenix CANCELLED
  • Delta 6258 Detroit CANCELLED
  • Southwest 1301 Chicago-Midway CANCELLED
  • Delta 4699 Detroit CANCELLED

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