Bakeries Gearing Up For Valentine's Day Rush

Cupid's arrow will be flying tomorrow as millions of Americans celebrate Valentine's Day and that means lots of sweets will be flying out bakery doors. 

Jones Bros Cupcakes is no exception to that rule either, as owner Bill Jones says this is their busiest day of the year. "When it's on a weekend we tend to get Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On a weekday, we know it's gonna be Wednesday, that's the day where everything hits."

Jones says although all the bulk of their sales will be on Valentine's Day itself, there is a lot of prep work in the days leading up to it. "Kind of all compressed into really yesterday, today, tomorrow. It's a very compact time for us, but it's a lot of fun." Jones says most of their products don't use preservatives, which forces his team to work quickly to get fresh product out to all the sweethearts buying for their loved ones.

It isn't just cupcakes that get all the glory at his shop though Jones says. He says there is a different treat that 'takes the cake.' "Definitely chocolate covered strawberries. We will do probably do over 5,000 of those just on Wednesday."

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