Omaha Native/Actress Gabrielle Union Sending Kids To Black Panther Movie

It isn't just the biggest movie in the United States right now, it is an important social statement. Black Panther is breaking smashing box office records and breaking down all the social boundaries traditionally seen in superhero movies. 

That is why Omaha native and actress Gabrielle Union, along with NBA standout husband Dwyane Wade, wanted to give kids from the North Omaha Boys and Girls Club a chance to see the hit movie. Adrial Mitchell with the North Omaha Boys and Girls Club says Union set everything up, providing transportation and food, along with the movie tickets. "The kiddos had their own theater. We took 90 kids with ten staff, so it was something that everybody was really excited about."

Mitchell says when they told kids at the club, they could barely contain their excitement. "We've been hearing about this movie, in anticipation of it, and so the kids to have someone let them know like you know, 'You're important, this what we want to do for you,' our families were very, very happy." 

The movie details the life of superhero T'Challa, the King of African nation Wakanda, who must save his people from a powerful enemy. The cast features a predominately black cast including actors Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Angela Bassett, Sterling K. Brown and Lupita Nyong'o.

Mitchell say thanks to the generosity of union and Wade, kids who may not have otherwise been able to see the movie are now empowered by seeing people that look like them on the big screen. "It was something that was very inspiring and empowering. There were so many points to take away from the movie. It was a great movie for minorities, that includes people of color as well as the empowerment of women."

The Wade's also made donations to Boys and Girls Clubs in Miami, Cleveland and Watts. 

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