Former Husker Eric Crouch Joins Football Staff At Midland University

Midland University is adding a legendary Husker to its coaching staff. It was announced Tuesday morning that Heisman Trophy winner Eric Crouch has been hired as an assistant couch for the Warrior's Football team. 

University officials say Crouch will have a primary focus on running backs and special teams.

University President Jody Horner says they are thrilled to add Crouch to their staff. “Everything that it takes to be a Heisman Trophy winner are the same qualities that we hope to instill in our students as part of their experience here at Midland. The experience that he brings as a mentor, as a role model, and just as a caring human being, I think our students will really benefit from that.”

Hall of Fame coach Tom Osborne believes Crouch will be a good teacher and mentor and that he will be a great addition to the Midland staff. “At its best, coaching is mentoring. It’s important you’re a good role model, that you have good values, and I think that’s something that Eric would be excellent at.”

Crouch says he is looking forward to the next challenge in his football career. “I’ve got a passion for the game. I love being around the team and players. I’m now looking for another opportunity to challenge myself and still remain in football. It’s a great opportunity close to home to help their football program out. I’m excited about where they’re going, the things they’re doing. I really just want to help them win football games, and help the players accomplish their athletic goals and their academic goals.”

His first college coaching position, Crouch says, will be a learning experience, but he is ready. “Right now the goal is just to learn more about college football and how it works on the coaching side. For me, I’m coming in basically as a freshman. I’m looking at it like how quickly can I learn the playbook? How quickly can I understand the concepts of what this offense is trying to do? It’s going to be exciting. I’m ready for this opportunity.”

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