Drivers Driving Around 'Road Closed' Signs On 168th Street

Omaha Police are cracking down on drivers in West Omaha who are ignoring warning signs blocking a major construction project.

It's happening on 168th Street between West Dodge and West Maple where the road is shut down for several months so crews can widen it.  But drivers are ignoring the road closure and Omaha police are writing tickets. 

Driving past the 'road closed' signs is illegal. Doing so could result in a fine of nearly $100.  One of the OPD officers 6 News spoke to said in just 45 minutes on Sunday four drivers blew right through this closure.  

“Thankfully I got a warning. Thank you,” said driver Kara Kidduu.   Sergeant Jason Menning says officers will be keeping a close eye on this stretch of 168th, making sure drivers heed the warnings and stay away from what is an active and hazardous construction zone.  

“Follow the directions that we give you,” Menning told 6 News.  “I can't make it more clear. The road is closed.” 

 Only local traffic is allowed to drive north on 168th from Dodge Street. If you can't prove you live in the small neighborhood just beyond the closure, you will be subject to a citation and fine. 

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