Henry Doorly Zoo's Only Polar Bear Moving To KC

One of the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium's longest residents will be making a big move soon. 

Zoo officials have announced that Bam Bam the polar bear will be taking up residence in Kansas City. The 30 year old female has been a favorite of zoo visitors ever since she was born at the Henry Doorly Zoo in November of 1987. Now Bam Bam is packing up and heading down the road to the Kansas City Zoo. 

Bam Bam has been the only polar bear at Henry Doorly for quite some time, and according to a Kansas City Zoo Facebook post, she will have a roommate when she heads down south. 

"As Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium continues to work forward on its master plan, the Polar Bear Species Survival Plan has recommended that Bam Bam be permanently transferred to the Kansas City Zoo. She'll join Berlin, a 28-year-old female in KC."

Bam Bam is expected to arrive in Kansas City in April and will stay behind the scenes for about a month to get used to her new home. After Bam Bam gets acclimated, she and Berlin will go through an introductory process.

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