Construction Alert; Harrison Street Closing Today

(WOWT) -- Starting Monday a chunk of Harrison Street will be closing. For drivers and business owners this will mean more traffic headaches, and detours.

When Harrison Street between 152nd and 156th close, some neighbors who live along Harrsion told 6 News they won’t be too affected simply because there are now other ways to get out of their neighborhood.

"The construction that is happening, is happening rather quickly which is a surprise,” said nearby resident Paul Cardenas. “There is a lot of congestion here. We do get a little bit of traffic from people coming home."

People who live nearby will have access onto Harrison. The closure is just one phase of a project designed to widen Harrison. 

For some businesses nearby, like Crossfit Millard, the closure is more of inconvenience for customers.

"It could hurt people that are looking to come to this gym while the road is closed,” said Crossfit Millard owner Zak Ziegenbein. "If they're coming to a 5 a.m. workout, they have to leave 15 minutes earlier, so that's a lot of impact on their scheduling, their sleep and things like that."

Regardless of the headache now, many agree the project is necessary.

Harrison Street Omaha


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