Omaha Police Cracking Down On Excessive Speeders

The Omaha Police Department's Traffic Unit will be looking for drivers who have the need to speed during the month of April.

Extra traffic enforcement operations will focus on vehicles traveling at excessive speeds. In addition, officers will be looking for drivers who could be distracted while using electronic devices while traveling at high speeds. 

The Nebraska Office of Highway Safety has awarded $19,000 to fund extra officers on the streets enforcing Nebraska’s speed limits. Operations will be conduct throughout the city at various times during the campaign.

 The goal of the “Excessive Speed” campaign is to increase the public’s awareness of posted speed limits while traveling within the City of Omaha and to limit distractions while driving.

Of the 44 motor vehicle fatalities that the Omaha Police Department Traffic Unit investigated in 2017, high speeds were a contributing factor in 22 of them.


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