Traffic Flow Plans Developed Near Millard North

If you have to drive near 144th and Pacific expect some traffic changes.  Millard North administrators are working with the Omaha Police Department to improve traffic flow in and around the campus and a major construction project that is going on. 

School officials, construction management and Omaha Police all agree the intersection at 144th and Pacific, and the streets around it, are beyond maximum capacity.  Effective immediately, several steps are being taken to provide some relief to to anyone driving to the school.

  • For the remainder of the school year, four  OPD officers including the school's own Security Resource Officer will be stationed at 3 locations on/near campus, the northeast entrance, the intersection of 144th and Pacific Streets and the south entrance.  The goal will be to enter/exit traffic to and from the campus as safely and as quickly as possible.  
  • For the remainder of the school year, the south entrance will be open in the morning for eastbound Pacific Street vehicles.  The objective will be to enter as many left-hand turning vehicles safely onto the campus at arrival time.  Even with the added benefit of the opening of the Pacific Street entrance, students/parents need to allow extra time to arrive at school.
  • For the remainder of the school year, the south gate on campus will be open to allow cars to exit the parking lot.
  • Students/parents are asked to pull forward as far as possible when picking up students in the main driveway near the flag pole.
  • Parents are are also being asked to park their vehicles in parking stalls in the east lot (senior/open campus lot) while awaiting their students after school.  Avoiding parking in the driveways will help with improving flow and avoiding congestion in this area.
  • Cones will be placed on the east side of the main lot at dismissal time as school officials attempt to get as many vehicles heading west in the main lot to use the south/Pacific St. exit.
  • Students are encouraged to park strategically in our parking lots for ease of exiting at the end of the school day.

Even with the changes to address traffic issues, school officials are requesting patience and understanding from students, staff, and parents as they monitor and potentially adjust this plan accordingly in the days ahead. 


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