Police To Begin Fireworks Enforcement Operation

Expect the noise level to go up in neighborhoods all across the metro area beginning Monday.  Fireworks are now on sale and Omaha Police say they will be conducting a special city-wide enforcement operation beginning June 30 and continuing through July 4.

A sergeant and six officers will be dedicated to responding to fireworks complaints, primarily focusing on large, illegal commercial grade or homemade fireworks and curfew violations.  "What we're looking for is any type of fireworks that you can't personally buy at your regular fireworks stands," says Officer Phil Anson.

Anson says the extra officers will be patrolling the streets as well as respond to 911 calls that come in. Consumer grade fireworks can only be set off between 8 am - 11 pm from June 25th - July 4th.   

Consumer fireworks may only be possessed, used or discharged by a person 16 years of age or older. A person 12 years of age or older and less than 16 years of age may possess, use or discharge consumer fireworks under the direct supervision of an adult 19 years of age or older. 


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