Missing Macaw Makes Her Way Back To Henry Doorly Zoo

A bird who flew the coop on Sunday morning is now back home at the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. 

Cayenne, a green winged macaw, went missing around 11:00 during a scheduled 'Birds in Flight' zoo program. Zoo officials say Cayenne was startled by a blimp that was flying over the College World Series. 

Zoo staff found her around 8:30 Monday morning in a tree in a neighborhood off of 13th Street, just south of the zoo. Staff members had received a couple of reported sightings of the bird from neighbors. While looking in to the reports, workers noticed a squirrel acting odd and that's when they saw Cayenne fly out of the trees.

The trainers were able to coax her back to them and they say Cayenne is currently relaxing after what was likely a stressful 22-hours in the wild. Zoo staff thanked the public for their tips and said they are happy to have her back home with her sister Cali.



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