Nebraska Ranked As A Top Ten Place To Retire

Nebraska ranks among the top ten states in which to retire, according to a report from the personal finance website Nebraska placed 9th overall on the report based on seven main criteria, including cost of living, crime, culture, health care and weather. 

Analyst Taylor Tepper says the state landed in the top ten thanks to good placement in several key categories vital to retirees, especially: well-being, cost of living and health care. "That's the really important things to take away from there. You are feeling connected to your community, you're feeling connected to your social network, you are receiving good, quality healthcare and you're not spending too much money on the day to day costs of living."

Nebraska also finished in the middle of the pack for taxes and cultural vitality and 29th for weather. 

Nebraska's neighbor to the north, South Dakota, ranked as the best state in which to retire, followed by Utah, Idaho, New Hampshire and  Florida. New York placed last on the list, along with New Mexico, Maryland, Louisiana and Arkansas.

You can see more about the rankings here.


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