MEDIA DAYS: Frost Talks About Big 10 Division Race, Playing At Wisconsin

Scott Frost talks to Tom Osborne almost every week. 

He welcomes his college coach into his office at Nebraska, or they go turkey hunting or fishing. Hard at work at rebuilding his storied alma mater, Frost is keeping his friends as close as possible. 

The 43-year-old Frost is home again after a successful run with Central Florida, returning to Lincoln in December after coaching the Knights to a 13-0 record last season. 

It's a high-stakes move for Frost, Nebraska and the Big Ten, which could use a healthy Husker program to help balance the conference's West Division with its powerhouse schools in the East. 

So naturally Frost's arrival on the scene was a frequent topic of conversation at the Big Ten football media day on Monday. 

Frost, who signed a $35 million, seven-year contract, has no such problems at the moment. The Cornhuskers went 4-8 in Riley's last season, and Frost definitely has some time before the honeymoon wears off at Nebraska. But he is planning for one quick turnaround. ''I know if we're getting better day by day we're going to be really dangerous and hard to beat in the very near future,'' he said. ''We'll see how this first year goes, but people better get us now because we're going to keep getting better.''

BELOW: Frost talks about playing in the Big 10 West Division:

(Courtesy of WOWT 6 News)



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