Metro Ronald McDonald House Expanding

The Ronald McDonald House in Omaha will soon be able to serve even more families with children receiving medical treatment. The house currently has the ability to serve 20 families, but an ongoing construction project will double that number to 40.

Officials say new additions will include a treatment center, classrooms for children, and a chapel, which is great news for the families the house will serve. 

Lindsey Rai Kortan with the Ronald McDonald House tells 6 News that extra space means shorter wait times. "We can eliminate the waiting list that we have been carrying for the last two years and get the families the care and support that they deserve."

Lindsey says staff and volunteers are excited for the additions, as they know any comfort they can provide goes a long way. "What we're trying to do in Omaha is take that a step further and if we can continue to shorten that length of stay based on all of these programming additions that we maybe haven't had the opportunity to see before, we believe that we can be a much greater part that's part of the comprehensive continuum of care in relationship to the hospitals and us." 

Anyone interested in volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House can call 402-346-9377 for more details. 

Omaha Ronald McDonald House


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