Sinkhole Causes Big Problems For Omaha Neighborhood

A massive sinkhole in the road is causing headaches for some North Omaha residents.

The gaping roadblock at 30th and Emmet is causing residents in the neighborhood to rethink their routes to and from home. Neighbor Kathy Stewart tells 6 News that the hole is making life difficult for those driving in the area. "It is an inconvenience. It really is. It really is. I backed out of my driveway and looked up and thought maybe there was an accident down there being roped off the way it was."

The City of Omaha Public Works Department closed off Emmet between John A. Creighton Boulevard and North 30th Wednesday afternoon because a sewer in the neighborhood caved in.

Kathy lives just a few houses away from the sinkhole, and says that this isn't the first time the road to her house has been blocked. "They've been digging up holes in the street for, I'd say, the last four years that I've been here."

The concrete has been cut out, which will block the neighborhood entryway for fourteen days.

Emmet St. between John A. Creighton Boulevard and North 30th collapsed


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