So...umm yeahhh I tried this stuff...

This Barrissimo Maple Bacon Coffee was next to the coffee maker here at the radio station (I believe you can purchase it at Aldis). 

When I smelt it (I know 'smelt' isn't a word), I was immediately intrigued. It smelled pretty amazing...however, microwave popcorn smells pretty amazing, too, but its taste does not come anywhere close to the amazing fragrance that wafts from the bag. Therefore, I approached this coffee with a bit of hesitation.

Once it started brewing, the hypnotic aroma lured iHeartRadio employees out of their radio caves in search of food (we radio people love us some free food).  Imagine their dismay when they discovered their olfactory holes had been duped, leaving me to ride this teasy-beverage solo.

The initial taste was pleasant; so was the second, third and fourth. hit me. The it I am referring to is the bacon flavor. No, it was not good.  It pains me to tell you that because I love me some bacon but this just didn't leave a good impression on my taste buds.  In fact, some of those "buds" are no longer buds of mine for subjecting them to that not-so-pleasant taste. Had Barrissimo just left it at the maple-flavor without the porky after-taste, they might have had a winner.     


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