Hittin' Ya Right in the Feels!

Parker has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  His owner left him behind, but an amazing rescue group, "Helping Hands for Animals" created a bucket list for Parker.  People are bringing him steak, ice cream, toys, and other gifts to the S&B Kountry Kennel in Glenwood, where he's getting free care. One parent called to see if her little kids could come down to read to Parker and just love on him!  AWWWWWW... (see, right in the feels!)

After the surgery and diagnosis, the owner never picked him up.  They are still looking for someone to love on this "bubba".  They stated that the group would cover any of his medical care and , when his time comes, would also pay for euthanasia and related costs. They just want him to be loved on and spoiled rotten to enjoy his last great run.

If you're interested in loving on him he's great with people, but it would probably be best if it was in a home without any other pets.  

"...the best part is Parker doesn't know he's dying" said Jamie Brand of Benson Animal Clinic.  "And he's living the high life."  If interested in taking Parker in, contact S&B Kountry Kennel in Glenwood at (816) 877-6087 or email them at SBKountryKennel@gmail.com.Here's a link to the entire story click here:https://www.omaha.com/news/goodnews/he-s-living-the-high-life-steak-ice-cream-on/article_f01f168b-0db5-5563-818c-ce3b2f798b46.html

Story credit: Omaha World HeraldPhoto Credit:  Joe Huntoon


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