CDB Oil in Coca-Cola Products??

CDB Oil in Coca-Cola?

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The Coca-Cola Company today issued the following statement regarding speculation about the company’s interest in CBD (cannabidiol)-infused beverages.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a formerly present ingredient in marijuana plants which was bred out years ago when growers in California were attempting to create the strongest strains. CBD is not psychoactive like its old counterpart, THC, and it has the benefit of being a provable treatment for pain and other afflictions, such as anxiety, sleeplessness and even more serious maladies such as autism.

Coca-Cola, founded in Atlanta, is infamously known for including cocaine in its earliest formulas, before it was considered dangerous and illegal, but CBD is hardly a high-producing ingredient. While there are no broad laws yet to legalize marijuana in Georgia, CBD is not illegal.

The Coca-Cola nod to the CDB industry sent stocks soaring.

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