Movie Trailer - Rocketman Official Teaser

I (Shari) for one can not wait to see this movie, Rocketman.

I grew up on listening to Elton John when I was little.  In fact, my favorite song to sing...when my parents weren't around, was "The B!tch is Back".  LOVED that song and still do!

I know a guy that lives in the listening area and his nickname was "Bird".  He played softball with my Dad YEARS ago, but I remember him well.  Why?  Because his nickname was "Elton Bird".  Every time an Elton John song came on the radio - he knew it.  I think that's what really made me love Elton John even more.

Keep it tuned to KGOR for details on when the movie will be released.  For now, though, enjoy the trailer!

-Hey Elton Bird...wanna go see this with me? :)


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