Doing Good Deeds Pay Off...BIG TIME For This Guy

Good Deed Pays Off BIG TIME - Photo Credit: Getty Images

Sometimes doing the right thing goes unnoticed…then there are other times it gets you the best surprise. Did you see the story of the Domino’s Pizza delivery driver that saved a woman’s life?  Joey Grundl delivered a pizza to a home in Wisconsin.  As he was doing his job he noticed the woman had a black eye…she pointed to it and mouthed “help me” and “call 9-1-1”. When he returned to the store he immediately called 911.  Found out this poor woman was being held captive by her ex-boyfriend and according to the police report she was sure she was going to die that night.  

So, in comes the cool part.   Joey was given an ‘Above and Beyond the Call of Duty ‘ award from Dominos, but This caught attention of a pretty big superstar, Taylor Swift.  She found out that Joey was a huge Taylor Swift fan and planned on seeing her “Reputation” concert.  Well, she found out and requested to meet him after the show.  So not only did he save this strangers life he got to meet one of the biggest pop stars in the world!To read the article, go here.


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